About BEFF

Like the pool of water in the Delaware River that inspired it’s name, the Big Eddy Film Festival flows against the main current, providing a thoughtful and entertaining viewing experience for the Catskills, Delaware and Hudson River Valleys, and beyond.

Produced by Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, the arts council for Sullivan County, the Big Eddy Film Festival aims to advance the traditional art of storytelling by showing the newest and best independent films from around the world and our own backyard.

The Catskill Mountains have drawn visitors for many centuries due to their natural beauty and close proximity to New York City. Sullivan County is a perfect blend of a pristine rural environment, the beautiful Delaware River and many small picturesque villages. Visitors fall in love with its quiet beauty and understated ways and often return to invest in a home or property.

“I’m so happy to have a new film festival in Sullivan County. Life only gets better when there are great venues like the Tusten Theatre to show films that entertain, educate and shine light on the things that connect us to each other and take us to worlds we’ve yet to discover.”
— Debra Winger

Built in the 1930s as a single screen movie house, the art-deco style Tusten Theatre serves as the venue for film screenings. The Tusten, located at 210 Bridge St, Narrowsburg, NY, has a seating capacity of 150 and offers convenient and ample parking.



Tina Spangler, Program Director

Jeffrey Allison

Elaine Giguere

Hester Greene

Elizabeth Kubenik

Robin McClernon

Nancy Stevenson


BEFF Advisory Board

Tibor Feldman
Actor, Producer

Marcy Granata
Nantucket Film Festival

Marla Puccetti
Television Producer

Basil Tsiokos
Documentary Consultant
Programming Advisor


Special Thanks: Chris Andreola, ADC Studios