Icehouse Arts Kid Flix

Sunday, September 17 at 4:00 pm

Looking ahead to the next generation of filmmakers, the Big Eddy Film Festival presents short videos by local youth created in recent filmmaking workshops led by video artist Ron Littke in Monticello, Eldred, Jeffersonville, and Narrowsburg. For over a decade, Littke has taught summer classes in video, audio, and computer arts, including “Video Toons” for ages 3-8, “Kid Flix” for ages 8-12, and Teen Flix for ages 12-18. Come and see what the kids of our community produced this summer. Fun viewing for the whole family.

THE WHITE PANTHER (Kauneonga Lake) Max De Beer, Yishai Alon, Moshe Alon, Leah Maidenbaum, Jack Noath, Kylie Rose, Harmony Rieber, Amira Benaryay, Judith Maidenbaum

THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL and MR. HYDE  (Narrowsburg) Harry Mose Altobel, Thomas Archie South, Ava Quinn Schachter, Grace Niesinski, Sid South, Ian Podniesinski

HOW TO MAKE A MOVIE (Eldred) Caleb Fumusa, Chloe Hatton, Dominic Fumusa, Joan Furgus, Georgia Fumusa

OPERATION: CHECK MATE (Honesdale) Nicolas Arnold, Wes Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Joshua Nichols, Oliver Rivera, Numan Rivera, Orion Nichols, Dian Nieradka, Adam Nieradka, Seth Hudson, Jackson Hudson, Bruce Johnson

WINGS (French Woods Camp) by McKenna McShane

THE SPY GLASS (River Kids Art Camp at The Chi Hive, led by Conor Stratton) Alec Ward, Liam Mendoza, Nathaniel Mendoza, Kate Jacksy, Marcello Mayer-Wasner, Tom South, Sid South, Francesca Velez

$5 for Adults. Kids admitted for free.
No advance ticket sales.