Icehouse Arts Kid Flix

Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 12:00 p.m.

Short videos by local youth created in summer in media workshops led by video artist Ron Littke of Icehouse Arts. Fun viewing for the whole family.

$5 for Adults. Kids are free.
No advance ticket sales.

Silent Movie.  TeenFlix. Summer 2012.  9 minutes, 29 seconds.  By Sky Isolano.  With Sky Isolano, Asia Isolano, and Josephine Antonio.
Last year’s hit.  Influenced by Max Fleischer, this cartoon like short tells the story of a dognapper and his victim.

Hike.  TeenFlix.  Fall 2012.  12 minutes 57seconds.  By Sky Isolano, Gabriel Pincoitti, and Chase Smith.  Music by Gabriel Pinciotti.
Three friends set off on a hike.  Unfortunately, their imaginations get the best of them.

Meurte.  TeenFlix.  Summer 2013.  9 minutes, 55 seconds. By Jen Greene, Hannah Luchsinger, Cougar MacDowall, and Isabel Sheehan.
Meurte tells the story of a girl’s grief and guilt over her sister by using flashbacks, dream like images, and hallucinations brought about by a coma.  But, what really happened?

The Mystery of the Haunted World.  KidFlix.  Summer 2013.  12 minutes, 20 seconds. By Lulu Freeland,  Maya Girshin,  Sonya Girshin, Paloma Haensel-Lopez, Lucas Luchsinger,  Molly Luchsinger, Rica Michen, Anna Pedersen, and Noah Pedersen.
The young filmmakers, ages 6 – 10, tell four mysterious stories about Narrowsburg.  Are they true or false?  You decide.