Media Camp Kid Flix

Short videos by local youth created independently and also in media workshops led by video artist Ron Littke, as well as artists/art educators Karen Smyth and Lauren Schaffer. Fun viewing for the whole family.

A family goes upstate for the weekend and discovers a deadly stranger in Dead End (6 min, Natalie D’Alessandro, Taryn Scala)

Walt the Moose just wants to be friends in The Chronicles of Moose (15 sec, Sarah Fishman)

The long-forgotten hex murder in Jeffersonville is explored in the documentary The Legends of the Stone Arch Bridge (10 min, Alex Ellmauer, Hannah Feinman, Ecem Yeleckli, Megan Yeleckli, Nora Yeleckli)

The Boomerang of Time examines what modern life in Narrowsburg would look like to our ancestors (14 min, Rosa Rubinstein, Lucas Arzilli, Dorothy Hoberman)

Animation and music workshops, as well as Kinetic sculpture and experimental film projects done through Lauren Schaffer’s Click Camp (6 min)

Blind contours, exquisite corpse/name credits, lip-sunk, and claymations were the experiments developed in Karen Smyth’s Media Camp 2012 (9 min) at Mildred’s Lane (Levi Schaffer-Hooper, Isey Schaffer- Hooper, Sal Smyth, Kiki Gordon, Leila Gordon, Grey Rabbit Puett, Arden Knadlein-Greene, Nolan Knadlein-Greene)

The notorious dognapper Mel Homme spies the dog of his dreams, which is unfortunately owned by the demure Olive in Teen Flix: Silent Movie (6 min, Sky Isolano)

Two young children ask the people of Narrowsburg what they do and how the do it in How do you do that? (16 min, Ian Podniesinski, Grace Podniesinski).