Saturday, September 17 at 3:00 pm

Screens in “Old Timers” shorts program

Director, writer, cinematographer, editor: Paul Stone
Producer: Claudia Huezo

Little Italy, a historic haven for immigrant families from the old country, was once threatened by an ever-expanding Chinatown. But now the fatal blow is being delivered by the gentrifiers. Corporations, yuppies, and chain stores are all moving in. How did Little Italy transform itself from a working class neighborhood of tenement buildings to the third most expensive zip code in the United States?

Part funny, part sad, the film explores the impact gentrification is having on Little Italy’s long-term residents. The striking black and white imagery captures the neighborhood before it is completely erased by sterile trendy stores and upper middle class sameness.

Will New York City lose another cultural touchstone to the forces of greed?

Paul Stone is a Brooklyn born bi-coastal commercial director and filmmaker. He has been featured in Shots Magazine, Shoot Magazine, Boards Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Laughing Squid, Paste Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, IndieWire Magazine, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Short of the Week. He has directed commercials and branded content for brands including Procter & Gamble, Instagram, Polaroid, Fidelity, DeWalt, Balvenie, Dwell and more.