The Big Green

Screens in “Unseen Worlds – Documentary Shorts” program
Saturday, September 19 at 12:30 p.m.

Director: Max Chaiet
32 min.

Max goes on a journey behind the scenes of “Shrek,” who he believes was stolen from his father’s children book character, to expose the dark side of Hollywood.


Max Chaiet is a native from the northwest corner of Connecticut. An aspiring film maker who recently graduated from the Mass Media program in Spring of 2015 at SUNY Sullivan College. Before college, Max lived in California where he worked for two years in the film industry. In the summer of 2014, Max Chaiet released his first feature documentary film entitled “The Big Green”. After being invited too two film festivals; The Black Bear Film Festival and The Atlantic City Film Festival, Max went back to work to make an improved more direct cut of the movie. Max notes, “I sleep better at night with this version of the film and my next stop is HOLLYWOOD.”