VIP Champagne Closing Reception

Sunday, September 16 at 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Big Eddy Film Festival All-Access pass holders are invited to join us for this closing reception at Frosty and Debra Myers’ Wild Turkey Sculpture Garden along the Delaware River in Damascus, PA. The spectacular grounds located on the banks of the Upper Delaware River house many of Frosty Myers’ iconic sculptures, as well as extensive flower and vegetable gardens.

Frosty Myers, the subject of our opening night selection THE ART & TIMES OF FROSTY MYERS, is an American sculptor who came to New York City from San Francisco in 1961, entering a rapidly changing art scene. Myers and other artists  living and working in abandoned lofts and led the urban renewal in what became the downtown scene in lower Manhattan, Soho and ultimately Brooklyn. Frosty’s wide-ranging works include NYC landmark artwork “The Wall” aka the Gateway to Soho, “The Moon Museum” the first art placed on the Moon, and his radical furniture that blurred the lines of art and design.

Debra Myers, the producer of  THE ART & TIMES OF FROSTY MYERS, spearheaded the documentary project and, along with director Chris Stearns, chronicled not only Frosty’s careeer and story,  but also the rapidly changing social climate of the United States over the past six decades.