What Keeps Us Going – Short Films

Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

These short documentaries examine the passions, drives, and obsessions that help make our lives more meaningful.

A Greenwich Village locksmith and artist discusses the changing city and the importance of balance in Do Not Duplicate (Jonathan Mann and Sean McGing, 31 min.); Grave Goods (Leslie Tai, 12 min.) explores what becomes of the things we leave behind when we die; A heavy metal band who’s members are aged 11 and 12 talk about life, music, and the future in Basement Metal (Ronnie, Bhardwaj, 10 min.); The mementos of a failed relationship are tools to explore longing and regret in Contents of C   ‘s Box, in no particular order (Ian Berry, 2 min.); A prolific and understated stoneworker in Franklin, NY shares his masterpieces in Robert (Jessica Vecchione, 40 min.); A young train sketch artist with autism journeys into adulthood in Track by Track (Anna Moot-Levin, 15 min.).

Approximate runtime 110 min.

Contents-of-C_____'s-Box Do-Not-Duplicate BasementMetalGraveGoods Robert_SmokingTrack-By-Track