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Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 5:30 pm


A student uses a mental health writing session to wish for her life to be “completely different.” When her wish comes true, it affects her entire school. Seventh and eighth grade students from the Homestead School in Glen Spey, NY wrote, directed, and shot this short film on campus in Spring 2021, with faculty members Edmund Carlton (film and photography) and Kelly Adams (screenwriting) overseeing production.

SHORT | 16:06 | US | 2021

Director’s Bio:

Alyena “Aly” Galvin-Bliefernich is an 8th grade student at The Homestead School on the new CCHS campus. She has been attending The Homestead School for 9 years now. Last winter she took a screenplay elective with three of her fellow classmates:, Gabriela Almonte, Thomas Caputo, and Skye McShane, taught by author K.L.Going. This was a first film experience for Aly; she had never written a screenplay before nor was she ever the director for a production. Aly really enjoyed the creative process of writing a screenplay and being able to produce her vision  by directing it. She also really enjoyed working with her  peers on writing and producing the short film. “Even though directing 18 other teenagers had it’s struggles, overall it was an amazing experience and wouldn’t have happened without the Homestead community.”

Playing as part of the Rural Shorts program.


Alyena Galvin Bliefernich


Alyena Galvin-Bliefernich, Thomas Caputo, Gabriela Almonte, Skye McShane


Alyena Galvin-Bliefernich, Thomas Caputo, Gabriela Almonte, Skye McShane


Edmund Carlton, Kelly Adams 


The Homestead School


Sindhu Villareal, Thomas South, Alex Broz, Rob DeRosa, Homestead School students