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Friday, October 2, 2021 at 5:30 pm

Tensions between a couple reach their boiling point when a vacation rental turns out to be a lot spookier than they bargained for. Shot in Barryville, NY.


Moh Azima can trace his filmmaking ambitions to Disco Frankenstein, a play he wrote, directed and starred in for the school talent show when he was 8 years old. Years later he joined the drama department in high school and convinced the faculty to allow him to adapt M. Butterfly, a risqué subject for any public school setting. He made his filmmaking debut at Sundance with his short, TRAPPEDINFREEDOM.

SHORT | 9:29 | US | 2019

Playing as part of the Upstate Downstate shorts program.


Moh Azima


Moh Azima, Ryan Alan Dearth


Moh Azima


Brandi Bravo, Justin Wilson