Thank you to all who made the 12th Annual Festival a success!

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The Shape of Land

Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 11am to 4pm

“The Shape of the Land” is a 2d digitally hand drawn animated illustrated poetic text that uses words as imagery along with figurative and abstract form. Its style is inspired by the historical experimental direct drawing on film technique of traditional analog animation. The visualized words are spoken along with background music that has a reggae beat.The theme is hope for the future that combines a philosophical/political/social consciousness along with environmental awareness and the potential for human agency. It is a lockdown meditation and exploration into what is really important for human sustainability.


Director Bio

Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer is a New York City painter/animator/new media artist who produces moving images that encompassing a myriad of methods. Her background in painting and performance art informs her practice. Sound is an integral element. The focus of her current animation and media work is to fuse the sensual, spiritual and the intellectual, creating a personal statement with time based images. Her moving and still art works have been represented in international galleries, venues and festivals.


SHORT | 5:36 | US | 2020

Playing as part of the Fine Art on Film program.


Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer